Sustainable industries and business relationships

Strengthening opportunities for success

The binational area is a diverse metropolitan center encompassing four regions in two countries located in the southwestern area of the U.S. and northwest Mexico.

The mission of 4FrontED is to:

› Facilitate trade relationships
› Support business growth
› Strategize to maximize resources, and
› Connect investors with opportunities.

If Yuma County were a country,

its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) would rank 151 out of 192 countries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Yes, that’s countries.

Strength in Numbers

GDP is defined as the monetary value of all finished goods and services produced within a region’s borders.

Yuma’s GDP for 2012 was calculated at nearly $5.4 billion. The government contributed $1.5 billion and private industries $3.8 billion.

The local economy often is described as a three-legged stool, with agriculture, the military and tourism being the largest contributors.

Climate for Success

Average Daily Maximum 87.9 Degrees

Average Daily Minimum 60.5 Degrees

% of Possible Sunshine 90%/year

Precipitation 3.18 Inches/Year

Competitive Advantages

Doing business in the 4FrontED Region comes with serious perks.

Located on the California & Mexican borders
50 million consumers within a day truck haul
Average manufacturing rate of $12/hr, with turnover at less than 3%
Local unionization is less than 1%
50% bilingual workforce

Banding together as a strong binational region offers a wide range of opportunities for new economic growth and development.

The Arizona-Mexico Border Region – the counties of Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma, including the Arizona communities of Douglas, Nogales, and San Luis – covers 12,921 square miles. These three counties adjacent to the international border have a combined population of 377,390 residents (5.6% of Arizona’s population). The Sonora Border Region (11 municipios) adjacent to the international border have a combined population of 632,005 residents (25.5% of Sonora’s population).

The result of this coordination is the creation of a binational regional economic development effort.

The defined geographic area includes Yuma County, the municipality of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, and surrounding population from Algodones and the valleys of San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexicali. The combined estimated regional population is 543,247.

Attracting new, diversified investments from across North America and emerging global markets is the ultimate objective of a focused effort.