Healthcare in the 4FrontED Region

Accessible Healthcare

Two of the most popular destinations for medical tourism are Los Algodones, Baja California and San Luis Rio Colorado, a visitor-friendly village and city seven miles west of Yuma that may just have the heaviest concentration of physicians, pharmacies, dentists and opticians of any four-block area on the planet.

Yuma Area Services

Yuma County is fortunate to have the finest medical professionals and the latest health care technology. Our dynamic regional medical center is the hub of health care in the desert Southwest.

Many physicians, dentists, chiropractors and other health professionals offer extensive services in Yuma. From simple dental exams, family vaccinations and checkups to the most sophisticated medical technology available, highly skilled health care professionals are always available.

Across The Border

Make no mistake about it – tourists are the one and only focus, where the currency of choice is the American dollar and English is almost universally spoken. Most businesses are within a five-minute stroll of the border and within that area, Canadians likely outnumber Mexicans on any given winter day.

Visit Los Algodones for accessible and affordable healthcare of all types, including hundreds of health and wellness clinics and pharmacies.

Los Algodones

Year round there are demands for the healthcare accessibility that Los Algodones and San Luis, Rio Colorado provide, but the winter season is especially busy with tourists and locals. Remember to:

Travel and shop with a group
Don’t wander out of the usual “tourist areas”
Watch your alcohol intake
Follow all laws and remain alert to your surroundings

Visit earlier in the day — or relax and have a cerveza till the crowds thin!

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