Industry in the 4FrontED

Industries thriving in the 4FrontED Region

The border region is strategically connected to North America’s key commerce transportation corridors providing access to global and domestic markets.

Food & Beverage

$3.2 Billion/year agribusiness industry forms the foundation of Yuma County. Yuma’s Agribusiness sector is responsible for supplying the United States with 80% of its winter, leafy vegetables while also being the largest producer of crops in the State of Arizona. The University of Arizona-Yuma Agricultural Extension offers multiple degrees in Food Production, Food Management and Food Safety.


Home to Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson Controls, Shaw Carpets, Associated Materials, and International Paper; Yuma, Arizona has become a strategic location for prominent manufacturing operations on the west coast. The Yuma region offers access to 52 million consumers within a one day truck haul, a workforce with experience in automated line systems and a very competitive cost environment for manufacturing companies. Industrial users that choose Yuma find a market with abundant supply chain resources and a logistical advantage over similar metropolitan communities on the west coast.

Defense and Aviation

Yuma is home to two of the largest military installations in the Unites States . The U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground is the nation’s premier ground and weapons testing facility. YPG is capable of testing all series of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and has the distinguished title of logging more air flying time than other location in the world. Multiple flight and testing ranges along with a support staff of UAS personnel can accommodate any flight testing available on the market.

A Growing Industrial Zone

Sharing a 300-mile border with Mexico, Arizona’s strategic position in proximity to Mexico’s growing economy is a major economic asset. Recognition of and strengthening Arizona’s binational regions positively impacts the state’s overall economy. Industry here continues to grow and our region provides a fast-growing, qualified and available workforce for a multitude of industries.

Multi-National Trade

As shifts in the global economic landscape continue and manufacturing further rebounds, Arizona’s strategic position to major trade routes through Mexico into U.S. markets strengthens. Rising labor costs, quality control assurances, shipping costs, and time-to-market considerations have led to this renaissance and bringing production closer to home.

Accessible Expansion

Arizona has an opportunity to take advantage of this re-shoring movement by improving its competitive manufacturing environment. In
addition, Arizona should leverage its proximity to Mexico and Latin America and focus on being a key component of the supply chain for value-add manufacturing taking place between the U.S. and Mexico.

Transportation and Facilitation

Moving goods, either by vessel, rail, or truck, speed to market is optimal through Arizona-Mexico border crossings. As stressed in The Roadmap: Arizona’s Path to Global Market Expansion, a focus on “tradable goods and services” (i.e., goods made in Arizona and sold elsewhere) is one of the state’s key opportunities. Seizing this opportunity requires improved connectivity to markets, thereby exploiting Arizona’s strategic location and strengthening linkages between highways, rail, air, and sea for cargo movement.

Continuing to attract both public and private investment to Arizona’s border region positions Arizona to fully maximize economic opportunities.