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Welcome to the 4FrontED region, a local leader-led effort focusing on economic development, tourism and education in the binational megaregion encompassing the United States’ southwest corner and Mexico’s northeast communities near the border. 4FrontED’s economic engine is powered by innovation, collaboration, education, industry and ethical values. 4FrontED works to foster private and public sector relationships locally on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to strengthen and further propel economic growth, and to make a global impact with leaders at the state, federal and international levels. Our local leaders work side-by-side with many partners in this 4FrontED effort with a shared vision of prosperity, by providing resources to entrepreneurs and innovators, and to our current and future workers.

4FrontED was established in 2014 by a group of mayors, leaders and county supervisors from municipalities on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border in the region that includes communities from Arizona, Baja California, California, and Sonora. Together, the leaders agreed to unite, collaborate, communicate and boost binational efforts on both sides of the border and to propel the megaregion to the global forefront. Since its inception, 4FrontED focuses on three foundational tracks of focus: economic development and job growth, tourism, and education. It is inclusive of Yuma County, the City of Yuma, the City of Somerton, the City of San Luis, the Town of Wellton, the Cocopah and Indian Tribes, the City of San Luis Rio Colorado, and many partner agencies who have helped elevate the 4FrontED vision, and who join us in striving to achieve excellence. It is the coming together and powerful impact of four states in two nations, united as one, that propels 4FrontED to reach propensities as the strongest binational region.

Bienvenidos! El esfuerzo de 4FrontED es una creada por líderes locales de Yuma, Somerton, San Luis, Wellton y el Condado de Yuma en el estado de Arizona, que tiene la meta de ser una megaregion unida con lideres de Baja California, California, y Sonora para promovernos como una fuerte megaregion binacional que se centra en el desarrollo económico, turismo y educación. El motor económico de 4FrontED está impulsado por la innovación, colaboración, educación, industria y los valores éticos.

4FrontED tiene la meta de fomentar relaciones entre los sectores públicos y privados en ambos lados de la frontera para fortalecer el crecimiento económico y generar un impacto global con líderes a nivel estatal, federal e internacional. Nuestros líderes locales trabajan dia en dia con una visión compartida de prosperidad, proporcionando recursos a empresarios e innovadores.

4FrontED fue establecido en 2014 por un grupo de alcaldes, líderes y supervisores de condados de ambos lados de la frontera de comunidades de Arizona, Baja California, California y Sonora. Juntos, los líderes acordaron unir, colaborar, comunicar e impulsar los esfuerzos binacionales. Incluye el condado de Yuma, la ciudad de Yuma, la ciudad de Somerton, la ciudad de San Luis, la ciudad de Wellton, las tribus Cocopah, la ciudad de San Luis Río Colorado y muchas agencias asociadas que han ayudado a elevar la visión de 4FrontED. 


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