The 4FrontED Governing Group is comprised of one elected official and the Administrator/ Manager from each of the member entities. The current members are listed below:

Elected Officials


  Mayor Doug Nicholls, City of Yuma     


Supervisor Martin Porchas, Yuma County


Mayor Jerry Sanchez, City of San Luis


Mayor Cecilia McCollough, Town of Wellton


Mayor Gerardo Anaya, City of Somerton



             City/County/Town Administrators


Richard Marsh, Town of Wellton

Jerry Cabrera, City of Somerton



Jay Simonton, City of Yuma



Ian McGaughey, Yuma County

Lizandro Galaviz, City of San Luis



Yuma, AZ
Yuma AZ
Somerton AZ
San Luis AZ
Wellton AZ
Calexico CA
El Centro CA
San Luis Rio Colorado MX
Mexicali MX
Cocopah Tribe
Quechan Tribe