Yuma County’s renewable energy portfolio is dominated by solar energy production, and in almost all cases, production of solar energy is accomplished through the use of photovoltaic cells and collection systems. Solar energy is the only renewable energy source that is viable in the region at this time. Currently, all utility scale solar production occurs in the unincorporated areas of Yuma County in the Yuma Foothills and an area north of Avenue 64E along Palomas Road.  To facilitate the orderly development of utility scale solar projects, Yuma County has identified several areas which are the most suitable, taking into consideration such factors as sufficient road access, access to transmission lines, and eliminating possible conflicts with surrounding uses.

The following generation facilities are currently operational and are identified by the Special Use Permit authorizing the development:

Yuma County has approved the following Special Use Permits for future utility scale solar energy production.  However, these facilities are not yet operational:

Yuma, AZ
Yuma AZ
Somerton AZ
San Luis AZ
Wellton AZ
Calexico CA
El Centro CA
San Luis Rio Colorado MX
Mexicali MX
Cocopah Tribe
Quechan Tribe