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City of Yuma Annual Review

Editor’s Note: As 2018 comes to a close, the Yuma Sun reporting staff met with local government officials for a look back at the year. This story is one in a series called “2018: Year in Review.”

Yuma experienced a whirlwind year of activity in 2018.

“It’s a huge year for economic development and job creation,” City Administrator Greg Wilkinson said. “We were extremely busy on the economic development side, tremendously successful both as a city and working with partners.”

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Gateway to Yuma Video

The Arizona-Mexico Commission hosted a “Gateway to Arizona” series that started in Douglas, continued in Nogales and ended in Yuma. The purpose of the event was to “showcase and celebrate the importance and uniqueness of our border communities” and “hone in on the importance of the growing international trade and commerce sector for Arizona and the special roles our border communities play.”

Each event included a panel discussion on the Arizona-Mexico relationship with Kirk Adams, chief of staff to Gov. Doug Ducey; AMC Board President Jessica Pacheco; University of Arizona Research Center Director Dr. George Hammond; and Luis Ramirez Thomas, chair of the Border Infrastructure and Economic Development Initiative for AMC.

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Aerospace Firm Coming to Yuma: 200 Jobs Expected

Arnaldo Soto Jr., chairman and CEO of AQST Space Systems Group, announces the relocation of their facilities to Arizona with headquarters in Mesa and secured manufacturing in Yuma. The company will be moving into the Joe Foss Hangar at the Yuma International Airport. He made the announcement during a General Aviation social on Wednesday at the airport.

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Fiber Producing Plant Coming to San Luis

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San Luis, Arizona – A textiles company plans to open a fiber-producing plant expected to create nearly 30 jobs here.

Piana Group, a family-owned firm with roots dating back to 16th century Italy, will move into a vacant industrial building on the city's north side once occupied by Meadowcraft, a manufacturer of outdoor patio furniture, San Luis officials said.

In what city officials say will be an initial investment of nearly $4 million in the local economy, Piana is expected to begin producing fibers for insulation materials as soon as February.

San Luis Mayor Gerardo Sanchez and Community Development Director Jenny Torres said landing the new industry represents a significant step in efforts to diversify a local economy heavily dependent on agricultural and trade between the city's businesses and shoppers from Mexico.

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